Can you use 3 12 volt batteries in a 36 volt golf cart?

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Can you use 3 12 volt batteries in a 36 volt golf cart? Or can I use 3 12v batteries in my 36v golf cart? You can use 3/12v batteries in series to create a 36v power supply. However this supply will be lacking in amperage capacity and deep cycle ability. The result will be poor run time and shortened battery lifetime.
Can you use 3 12-volt batteries instead of 6 6 volt batteries in a golf cart??If you have a 36-volt golf cart that runs on six 6-volt batteries, you can replace them with three 12-volt batteries, which often are easier to find.$MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $[“6451f103-9add-4354-8c07-120e2f85be69”]); })
Can I use 3 12-volt marine batteries in my golf cart??The Technical Answer: Yes
It?s possible to use a marine battery in place of electric golf cart batteries. They?re both technically gel lead acid batteries designed for deep-cycle purposes, reports It Still Runs. However, this similarity doesn?t mean that they should be used interchangeably.
What kind of batteries does a 36 volt golf cart use??36 Volt EZGO Golf Carts use six, 6 volt deep cycle, lead acid batteries categorized as GC2 with an approximate foot print of 10.25? L x 7.06? W x 10.94? H and 62-64 lbs each. Trojan Battery history: George Godber & Carl Speer founded Trojan Battery Company and in 1952 invented the electric golf car battery.
Can you use 3 12 volt batteries in a 36 volt golf cart? ? Related Questions
Can I put 6 12 volt batteries in my golf cart?
For example, a typical 48-volt golf car may use eight 6-volt batteries, six 8-volt batteries, or four 12-volt batteries. As the table shows, the 6-volt system has a higher capacity than the 8-volt and 12-volt systems. A typical round of golf will require about 40 minutes of run time while discharged at 56 amps.
Can I replace a 6 volt battery with a 12 volt battery?
Expert Reply: If the two 6 volt batteries were wired in series to produce 12 volts total then a 12 volt battery would easily work as a replacement for them. If the two batteries were wired in parallel and the output voltage is 6 volts then no.
Will 12 volt deep-cycle batteries work in a golf cart?
These batteries supply enough power for the golf cart to be used for an entire 18-hole round of golf. Golf carts can be modified to use 12-volt marine deep-cycle batteries, but this modification would not provide nearly the battery life as golf cart batteries.
Can you use regular 12 volt batteries in a golf cart?
Regular golf cart batteries are good for generating a quick burst of power, whereas deep-cycle batteries last longer, causing low and constant power release. 12 Volt deep-cycle batteries are used in equivalence to a few 6-volt golf-cart batteries.
How do you hook up 3 12 volt batteries in series?
To connect batteries in a series, use jumper wire to connect the negative terminal of the first battery to the positive terminal of the second battery. Use another set of cables to connect the open positive and negative terminals to your application.
How do you charge a 12 volt battery with a 36 volt charger?
Originally Answered: Can you charge a 36v battery with a 12v charger? Get a DC to DC step up converter that can take the 12v and step it up to 36 volt. However, since you?re using it as a charger, you?ll need to step it up to 37 or 38 volt in order to charge a 36v battery.
How do you charge two 12 volt batteries to make 24 volts?
So, if you have two 12V batteries wired in series, then 2x12V=24V. To create a 24V system using two 12V batteries, you would wire the first battery?s ?+? positive terminal to the ?-?negative terminal of the second battery.
How many batteries do I need for a 36 volt golf cart?
Six 6 volt batteries will give you a 36 Volt operating system.
How long do golf cart batteries usually last?
When you drive a battery-powered golf cart model, it?s important to charge it correctly and maintain your cart so that your battery will last as long as possible. When you take care of your golf cart?s battery, you can expect it to last anywhere between five and ten years.
Can I use 12 volt batteries in my 48 volt golf cart?
In a 48 volt golf cart you can use 4 12 volt batteries in place of 6 8 volt batteries. These need to be connected in series (negative to positive) in order to create 48 volts from the battery pack.
Can you put car batteries in a golf cart?
Can You Use Regular Car Batteries in a Golf Cart? The short answer is yes. Standard car batteries are 12-volts, and you could connect three or four of them in series to provide the required 36 or 48 volts to your golf cart motor. This makes them a much better choice for golf cart applications.
Are 2 6 volt batteries better than 2 12 volts?
Because most 6 volt batteries have a higher number of amp hours for each battery, it makes sense to purchase two 6 volts and wire them in a series ? that gives you 12 volts, meeting your electrical system?s needs. The 6-volt batteries last longer than most 12 volt ones, and they are lighter, as well.
What is the difference between a 6-volt and a 12 volt battery?
12v cars use 12-volt motor and battery, 6-volt cars use 6-volt motor and battery. As a result, 12-volt ride on cars have more power, more speed and need more charging time than 6-volt cars. 12-volt vehicles are suitable for 3 to 6 years old kid whereas 6-volt cars are generally for 1 to 3 years old.
How do you get 6V out of a 12 volt battery?
It?s possible to step 12 volts down to 6 volts by incorporating a pair of 10,000-ohm resistors into the circuit. Cut two lengths of wire, and strip each wire of 1/2 inch of insulation at each end. Attach one end of the first wire to the positive terminal on the power supply.
Does a gas golf cart need a deep cycle battery?
Electric golf carts get deep cycle batteries and not automotive batteries. Gas golf carts get automotive batteries and not deep cycle batteries.
Can you charge a golf cart with a 12 volt charger?
Golf carts usually come with their own charger, however a car charger can also be used to charge a golf cart. The trick is matching the voltage of the charger to the voltage of the batteries.
How many 12 volt batteries can you run in parallel?
You will get 12 volts and 1200 CCA if you have two batteries in parallel. If you have 2x the current reserve you can operate your electronics for 2x as long as you don?t have to charge the batteries.
Is it better to charge batteries in series or parallel?
Wiring in series does not affect the amp hours (overall capacity) of a system of batteries, just how must power it can output at once. Connecting in parallel stacks up the amp hours of each battery, allowing for a longer use.
How long does it take to charge a 36 volt battery?
Using a 5 amp 36 volt charger, we have 10 amp hours/(. 9?5) amps = 2.22 hour recharge time estimate.
Can you charge a 12 volt battery with a 24 volt solar panel?
Yes, you could do it. The voltage isn?t too much of a concern, it is the current the panel can provide. They are usually designed to put out at least 30% more than the batteries they are intended to charge.
How do you get 24V out of 3 12v batteries?
You should buy two additional batteries and wire them in series, then you will have enough voltage to put them in parallel with the original 24V battery. This will also give you two battery banks which can be isolated from each other if you need to work on one bank or use it for something else.

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