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Do you need an Arlo account?

Best answer: No, Arlo cameras do not require a subscription to operate and can store footage locally when paired with an Arlo base station. However, if you do subscribe to Arlo Smart, you?ll get additional AI-powered motion detection options, cloud storage, and customizable motion zones.

How many Arlo accounts can I have?

Arlo allows only one registered administrative user per account. However, you can add friends to your Arlo account. Friends have limited access to some of the settings and features on your Arlo account. Friends can view live streams from your cameras and view or favorite video clips in your Arlo video library.

How do I access my Arlo account?
Log in to by selecting ?Store Sign In? located in the upper right hand corner. Login to your account.
What is an Arlo account?
An Arlo Secure subscription enables you to record in 2K or 4K video resolution, activate advanced object detection, create cloud activity zones, respond to emergencies, and much more. You can purchase a plan for multiple cameras or a single camera.
How many Arlo cameras can you have for free?

Overall, the Ultra is a good camera with a wide field of view and prompt custom alerts, but ditching that seven-day free cloud storage will put off a lot of potential buyers. Still, Arlo?s 4K camera is worth considering if you don?t mind grabbing your footage off of a microSD card ? or paying for Arlo Smart.

Is Arlo basic free?

5 cameras

How much does Arlo go cost per month?

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The free plan supports 5 cameras. The base supports up to 15 cameras. Each base can stream up to 5 cameras at once, regardless of how many more you have synced to it.

Can Arlo be used without a base station?

Current Arlo cameras get a generous three days of free storage, making them great for consumers who don?t want to pay a monthly video storage plan. With the Ultra 4K, users will have to choose a subscription plan when the bundled 1-year subscription ends, an Arlo representative said.

Can I use Arlo ultra without subscription?

For $9.99 per month, or $99 per year, you can get 30-day cloud recording for up to 10 cameras, and unlimited tech support. For 60 days of cloud storage for up to 15 cameras, as well as unlimited support, it?s $14.99 a month, or $149 a year.

How many cameras can be added to Arlo?

You don?t need a base station to connect Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus cameras. They connect directly to your Wi-Fi router.

Can you use Arlo without Internet?

All users of Arlo Ultra can stream 4K content without a subscription. You can use 4K by local live streaming or recording 4K motion content onto a microSD card when inserted into an Arlo SmartHub.

Can Arlo connect wirelessly to router?

5 cameras

Does Arlo base station need to be connected to router?
Arlo Add-on HD Security Camera (VMC3030)
Add up to 5 cameras for free, or as many as 15 cameras with our Elite subscription plan.
Why are my Arlo cameras dying so fast?
The Arlo Go Mobile Security Camera is ideal for security monitoring when traveling or in areas with limited or no WiFi access. Arlo Go works wherever there is 3G/4G LTE wireless connections.
Does Arlo doorbell work without WiFi?
You can use the Arlo app to connect directly to your WiFi router. For help moving your Arlo camera from a SmartHub or base station connection to a WiFi router connection, visit How do I connect my Arlo device directly to my WiFi router if it is currently connected to a SmartHub or base station?.
Is Arlo Pro 2 worth the extra money?

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Each base station must be connected to your router using an Ethernet cable. Note: You can also connect an Arlo or Arlo Pro base station to a WiFi extender if the extender has an available Ethernet port.

Why are my Arlo batteries draining so fast?

Interference with the signal due to the camera position relative to the base and router. If the Wi-Fi router (access point more precisely) is between your Arlo base and the camera, that can cause very rapid battery drain. 3. Poor signal quality as reported by the camera.

How often do Arlo batteries need to be recharged?

The Arlo cameras, doorbell and chime rely on the connection to your base station, not your WiFi, so will work as long as the base works.

What batteries are best for Arlo?
If using the cameras with battery power, then I?d go with Arlo Pro. Comparing prices of Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2, the Arlo Pro 2 will cost you a little more than the original. If you?re wanting the upgrades and improved footage, then the Arlo Pro 2 may be worth the extra money.
Is Arlo a good security system?

Yes. If you have a noisy WiFi environment, your Arlo camera battery might drain faster because your camera has to work harder to communicate with the base station. For best results, position your Arlo cameras at least 6.5 feet (2 meters) away from each other and from other WiFi-enabled devices.

How long do Arlo 2 batteries last?

In our experience, Arlo Pro and Pro 2 might last 5-6 months, but Arlo Ultra usually needs recharging around 3-4 months.

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