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How can I create a new FB account?

From the Computer

Go to
Enter your name, email or cell phone number, password, date of birth, and gender.
Click Create an account (remember you must be at least 14 years old to do this).
Finally, you?ll need to confirm the email address or cell phone number you entered earlier.

Can I have 2 Facebook accounts?

Most people have just one Facebook accounts. In fact, Facebook doesn?t like it when you have two accounts, it prefers people to keep just one account. The company actually offers two Facebook apps ? no, we are not talking about the Messenger app ? that you can use to log into two different Facebook accounts.

Why can I not create a Facebook account?
If you?re trying to create a personal account: Make sure that your name follows our guidelines. Try signing up again at If you?re still having trouble signing up or if you think your name was rejected by mistake, let us know.
Can you create a Facebook account without a phone number?

You can go an alternative route and create a Facebook account without a phone number, but you?ll need to use a disposable phone number. You can select either the US or Canada for the numbers. You?ll need to select the phone number you?ll be using. There are only preset numbers, you cannot create another number.

Is it against the law to create a fake Facebook account?
Get Legal Help Today
Not only does making a fake Facebook profile violate Facebook?s terms of use, but it now also may be against the law. A new law in California makes it illegal to create a Facebook page in someone else?s name for the purpose of cyber bullying.
How do I make a Facebook account without a phone number and email?

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Facebook Guide: 4 Steps to Create A Facebook Account without Phone Number

Use ThrowAwayMail. This website creates a temporary email address.
Create An Account on Facebook. Now on the Facebook website, fill the details for signing up.
Skip the recovery phone number option.

Can I create a second Facebook account with the same email?
Although it isn?t possible to create two separate Facebook accounts from one email address, it is possible to use Facebook as two or more separate entities from the same Facebook account.
How do I create a Facebook account without getting disabled?

It is possible to create a fake Facebook account without getting the account blocked or disabled.
How to Open a Fake Facebook Account

Get a VPN.
Pick a Good Name.
Complete the Information Fields.
Use Edited Photos.
Send a Friend Request to Another of Your Fake Account.
Engage the Account.
Add/Accept Some Friend Requests.

What is the age limit for Facebook?
Facebook requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account (in some jurisdictions, this age limit may be higher).
What is the minimum age for Facebook?

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court has asked the Centre to respond to a petition that asks how children less than 18 years of age are allowed to open an account on social networking sites including Facebook, even though Indian laws do not permit it. Facebook allows 13-year-olds to open accounts.

What is the punishment for making fake Facebook?

Here are some sections and punishments for creating a fake Facebook account. Section 468 of the IPC and Section 66D of the IT Act will be used in this case and punishment under Section 468 can be jail up to 7 years. 468.

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Can you create a Facebook account with a fake name?
Facebook users cannot use fake names on their accounts. Always use your real name. You can change your name after your account is created only if you legally change your name, such as when you get married. It is a particularly flagrant violation of Facebook rules to intentionally impersonate another person on Facebook.
Can I set up a fake Facebook account?

Create a Facebook Account
Go to and select Create New Account. Use a fake first and last name, fill in your email or phone number, add a fake birthday and gender. Make sure not to use any of your real details to avoid accidentally revealing your identity. Select Sign Up to confirm.

When I create my Facebook account is disabled?
If your Facebook account has been disabled, you?ll see a message saying that your account is disabled when you try to log in. If you don?t see a disabled message when you try to log in, you might be having a different login problem. Learn how to fix problems with logging in.
Are Disabled Facebook Accounts permanent?
Facebook follows a hierarchy and hence disable accounts temporarily when there is a scope. Whereas for severe violations, the account gets permanently disabled by Fb.
Can I create a new Facebook account if mine was disabled?

No email this time ? just suspended without any contact at all. So if you want a new Facebook account you can?t signup with the same phone, the same number, the same email address, or by using any WiFi network which you may have used your suspended Facebook account on.

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How do you spot a fake Facebook account?

Some tell-tale signs of fake accounts include: a recent date of creation when it comes to timeline posts, almost no shared content, shared fake content, zero to few mutual friends.

How long does FB disabled your account?
Once you submit your proof, WAIT until Facebook reactivates it, it may take 1-7 days time for them to reactivate a disabled facebook account in general. So check your email inbox daily which you have connected to that particular disabled facebook account.