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By: Thurman Schinner

What are Elis credentials?
Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS) ELIS allows all educators, administrators, district employees, licensure officers, ROEs, and the public to operate in one system. ELIS provides educators with a clear and streamlined process to apply for and maintain their credentials.
What is an Elis page?
A: ELIS (Educator Licensure Information System) is the ISBE site where all your educator licenses and endorsements are housed.
How do I get an IEIN number?

Here is how to find your IEIN number:

Visit the Educator Licensure Information system website here.
Click on ?Login to your ELIS account? under ?Educator access?
You will find your IEIN number under ?primary information? right below your name.

How do I change my Elis password?

In order to change your password or secret question, click on the Change Password link in the left navigational menu. You will then be taken to the Change password Screen Page 14 Clicking on Change Password at the top of the screen will allow you to change your password.
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How do you add degrees to Elis?
Order a transcript conferring the degree from your college or university, and have it sent directly to you. DO NOT open it. Bring the transcript in the original unopened envelope to the Regional Office. We will open the transcript, scan it, and upload it to ELIS.
IS IEIN the same as license number?

The IEIN number identifies the teaching/paraprofessional credentials held by the individual. Please do not confuse this number with the educator license number. If the license number is used in lieu of the IEIN number, the educator?s credentials will not be found and the record will be disapproved.

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What is Rcdt code?
RCDT stands for Region County District Type (Illinois schools code)
How much do subs get paid in Illinois?

Weekly Pay: Substitute teacher pay generally ranges from $100 to $110 per day in Illinois. With Swing Education, you?re paid weekly so that you see your earnings sooner.

What does IEIN stand for in education?
IEIN stands for Illinois Educator Identification Number, and is a unique identifier assigned to each educator. If you do not know your IEIN, enter your Social Security Number and the system will find your IEIN for you. Login Name.
What is a Nbpts certificate?
National Board Certification is the most respected professional certification available in education and provides numerous benefits to teachers, students and schools. It was designed to develop, retain and recognize accomplished teachers and to generate ongoing improvement in schools nationwide.
How many CPDUs is a college course Illinois?
A course syllabus, signed contract or agreement or other documentation prepared by the college or university that identifies the certificate holder as the teacher of a particular course. CPDUs: 20 Limitation: The same course may be counted only once in any five-year renewal cycle.
How do I get an Illinois teaching license?

A teaching certificate in Illinois requires a bachelor?s degree at minimum. The degree must be state-approved and the institution must be regionally accredited. For residents enrolled in an online program outside of Illinois, they must still complete the field and clinical hours but at a local level.

Can you teach anywhere with National Board certification?
Candidates for National Board Certification voluntarily complete ten assessments in whichever area of certification they?re seeking. This certificate is recognized in most states, and will therefore make it easier to teach in another state.
What is the cost of National Board certification?

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With each of the four components costing $475, the total cost of certification is $1,900. Candidates can pay for and submit each component separately. The National Board has revised its policy for maintaining certification.

Is it worth getting National Board certification?
The National Board Certification process isn?t easy, but it?s worth it. It strengthens both the teaching profession and individual practice. The new rollout makes it much more affordable and manageable for busy teachers. In addition, a certification opens many doors.

Does national board certification expire?
If you certified in 2017 or later, National Board Certification is active for a period of 5 years. As a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT), you must successfully complete the MOC process within the two years prior to the expiration of your certificate to maintain certification in your original certificate area.

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