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Do you need an account for Moonpig?
In order to place an order with us, we require you to create an online account with us (Moonpig Account). When you create a Moonpig Account, you will need to supply us with your real name and a valid email address.
Where is Moonpig registered?


Is Moonpig free?
Moonpig is an internet-based business whose head offices are situated in London and Guernsey. The company?s business model is mainly selling personalised greeting cards, flowers and gifts. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.
Can you design your own card on Moonpig?
Download the FREE Moonpig app and order cards whenever, wherever!
Who owns Moonpig now?
Personalised Cards by Format
our personalised cards come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Choose from one of our thousands of designs and get ready to make their day amazing.

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Who set up Moonpig?

Moonpig Group


How much are cards on moonpig?
Moonpig/Parent organizations
How many photos can you put on a moonpig card?

Nick Jenkins

Can you put a photo inside a moonpig card?
How can I get free Moonpig cards?

Do Moonpig cards come with an envelope?
It?s no secret that Nick Jenkins, the hugely successful entrepreneur behind personalised greetings cards company, struggled through six years of hardship before turning his business around.
How long do Moonpig cards take?
How Much Are Moonpig Cards? The cost of a Moonpig card depends on the format you choose. You will pay ?6 for eight postcards or four small cards, while square and standard cards are ?2.99 each.
Do moonpig sell vouchers?

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5 Photos

Does moonpig deliver on Sunday?
Multiple Photo Card ? Use 5 Photos | Moonpig.
What size is a giant moonpig card?
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There are a number of ways you can get creative by using our card maker; you can edit photos, add filters, change the text colour/sizes and upload photos inside the card. You can choose which photos you would like to upload.

Can you put money in a moonpig card?
If you sign up to Rewards on the Moonpig website you?ll get a free card once you?ve collected 6 Reward Rockets (you get one Rocket for every purchase). You?ll need to pay postage for your free cards though.
Can you have gift cards delivered?
If you get them sent to you first do the cards come in unsealed envelopes? Yes, spare envelope to send card on in.
How much does it cost to mail a gift card?

First Class ? Your order will arrive between 1-3 days after dispatch. Royal Mail Tracked 24 ? Trackable via your Order History. Delivered next working Day (exc Sunday). Air Mail (EU & Ireland)- Your order will arrive within 4 working days after dispatch.

Can you swear on moonpig cards?
There are currently no vouchers live on UK.
How do you pay for moonpig cards?

Moonpig has introduced Sunday deliveries to ensure its personalised cards and gifts can be delivered on the day, every day. The new seven-day delivery service, available to major retail customers, is part of the Royal Mail?s response as customers now make more of their retail purchases online.

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What is the best free eCard site?

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