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How do I permanently delete my Amazon seller account?
If you choose to close your account, go to Settings, choose Account Info and click Close Account, to request account closure. You will then receive a confirmation email once your account has been closed, or an email detailing why your account can?t be closed at this time and additional steps required.
Why can?t I close my Amazon seller account?

If there are any processed sales and transactions within the last 90days, you won?t be able to close your account. There are no sales processed recently and the account is essentially deceased.

Can you delete an Amazon seller account and open a new one?

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support, ? We encourage you to open a new seller account on Amazon if you wish to continue selling. You can use the same email address from the terminated account to open a new account.

How do I delete a seller address on Amazon?

Are you looking at the address here? first change the address in the ?return settings? menu? and to ?delete? an address go into the buyer side of the account, not seller central, you can click on account info and delete all unnecessary addresses there.

How can I delete my Amazon seller account permanently in India?

Log in to your Amazon India seller account. On the seller, panel click Account Info under the Settings tab. You are on the Seller Account Information page. On the right side at the bottom, click Close Account link in the Related Links box.

How do I reactivate my Amazon seller account?
From the Account Page Alert. Visit your Amazon Seller home page. Click the ?Reactivate your listings? link. You?ll find it below the toolbar at the top of the page.
Should I give my address to Amazon seller?

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The customer is free to give you their address or not. If you want you can send them the replacement MCF. There are standard procedures for replacements, but there is no real requirement for you to follow them. Don?t expect to get reimbursed for the broken item, though.

Can Amazon sellers see your name?

And is there anywhere the person can find out who the seller name is? Yes, the new rule is that buyers of FBA products ( not merchant-filled ) +do+ get to know your name now , so if you do not want them to, you need to have Amazon send ALL your FBA items back to you.

How do I hide my information on Amazon?

ANSWER: Amazon will not completely delete your order history, but you can archive individual orders. Casual snoops will have a harder time seeing what you have purchased. From your account settings, go to Your Orders. Select the item you wish to hide and select Archive Order.

Can Amazon sellers see your email address?

You will never see a customer?s actual email address, nor will they see yours. The message system masks it for your protection.

How do I name my seller account on Amazon?

Key Factors in Choosing an Amazon Seller Name

Make it Memorable. You need shoppers to remember you without effort, whether or not they?ve purchased from you before.
Be Professional.
Be Positive.
Using Keywords.
Stay Evergreen.
Avoid Generic Names.
Don?t Be a Copycat.

How do I hide my seller name on Amazon?

How can I erase or hide it? Go to your settings then account info and you can change the display name (what the customers see) from there. It also depends where your full name is displayed on the listing.

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Do Amazon sellers see your credit card information?
Emphatic no. Amazon doesn?t share payment information with Sellers, other than whether or not a payment was approved or refunded. Sharing sensitive data like this would violate PCI compliance, and Amazon wouldn?t be able to take payments after the network shut off their merchant account.
What happens when someone buys your item on Amazon?

When a buyer places an order with you, Amazon will verify and place a hold on the funds on the buyers payment account. You then get a Ship-Now email notification and in Seller Central will see the number of orders in the ?Unshipped? section that you need to ship.

How do I stop Amazon seller emails?

To unsubscribe from Amazon marketing emails and post:

Go to the Communications Preference Center.
From the Promotional Emails section, select Do not send me any marketing email for now.
Select Update.
In the Marketing Information by Post section, select Do not send me marketing information by mail.
Select Update.

Can Amazon steal your money?

Amazon isn?t stealing your money. They are holding the funds in escrow, which you agreed to when you signed up as a third-party seller. These funds will be held until such time as Amazon is satisfied that they will have no further liabilities, refunds, lawsuits, settlements, etc.

Can Amazon steal your card info?
They will get your name, address and phone number associated with your order. They do not get your payment information. If you are talking about the ? just launched ? sellers who are 50% cheaper than the next lowest price then it?s a scam .
How do I remove my credit card from Amazon seller?

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Here?s how to remove a credit card associated with your account:

Click on ?Your Account? at the top of our web site.
Under Payment Settings, click ?Manage Payment Options.?
Sign in with your e-mail address and password.
Click the ?Delete? button next to the card you wish to delete,