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How do you delete your Avakin account?
In the portal, choose the option Delete Account. > You?ll receive a new email confirming the deletion, which will take place in 7 days. If you?ve changed your mind and want to keep your account, just click the deletion cancellation link in the email we sent you.
How can I get my old Avakin Life account back?
Verify your Avakin Life account with Game Center in Avakin Life?s Settings menu. > Link the external service to your account. Log in with Game Center on an appropriate device to recover your account.
Is Avakin Life a safe game?
Avakin Life unites people from all over the world, and chatting with people you don?t know could potentially expose you to danger. This is why we have comprehensive in-game moderation tools to assist in safeguarding our players.
Is Avakin Life down 2021?
The Avakin Life servers are currently down while we make essential upgrades. Services should be back at around 5am (EDT).
Can you kiss on Avakin life?

What happens if u get reported on Avakin life?
Since Avakin Life is a role-playing game, you can do the ?kissing? in the chat box. You can type the word ?kisses? followed by the username of your partner. This is a simpler way because you don?t need to buy the kiss animation from the store.
How do you fix Avakin life?
If you have been reported, there is no need to worry about getting banned or suspended if you have done nothing wrong. Please note that spamming our support system with fake reports can lead to action being taken against you. You only need to submit one report per issue.

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Is Avakin Life safe for 9 year olds?
For example, it can be due to the iOS operating system for Apple devices or the Android operating system for Android devices, which can cause crashes in some apps. Install the latest iOS or Android version. Check Avakin Life ? 3D Virtual World for updates and update if necessary.
Can you get banned on Avakin Life?

?It?s more about educating children what to watch out for.? Avakin Life is a 3-D virtual reality app that promises users an amazing virtual experience where ?you can become the person you always wanted to be.? The game, rated ?T? for teens, allows children age 13 to download it on their phones.

What?s the highest level on Avakin Life?
Pretending to be Lockwood staff member or anyone else that works at Lockwood is against the rules, and this will result in a permanent ban. Pretending to be someone else in a malicious way will also result in a permanent ban.
Is Avakin Life safe for children?

Avakin Life Level Up Rewards
You can now go up to Levels 11 ? 15 by creating gorgeous outfits and voting for the best-dressed styles from other Avakins. Level up now, earn more rewards, exclusive bag items, and prove your fashion credentials!

Can you get married on Avakin Life?
Kids are going around the Age barrier of 17+ and playing this game. This game is no place for young kids. A bunch of friends had me sign up to this game as a way of staying in touch and having a laugh.
Is Avakin Life a Chinese app?

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Who created Avakin Life?
In order to get married in Avakin Life, go to the Partners menu and propose to your partner. If they accepted, you can now proceed to prepare to plan your wedding ceremony. To learn more about Avakin Life, you can read more about The Best Avakin Life Tricks!
Is Avakin Life an offline game?
Avakin Life ? Now available in Indonesian and Chinese!
Avakin Life now supports Indonesian and Chinese languages.
How many players are on Avakin Life?

Lockwood Publishing Ltd

Is Avakin life famous?
Avakin Life ? 3D Virtual World/Developers