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How do I delete my shell Go account?
Members can cancel their membership to the Loyalty Programme at any time by contacting Customer Services. The obsolete data relating to that member will be deleted in accordance with the Privacy Policy.$MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $[“394bf0ef-bc74-4dbc-9196-e04d679d625b”]); })
How do I activate my Shell Fuel Rewards card?
Activate your FRN? Card at to manage your FRN? Account online and track Fuel Rewards? savings earned through the FRN? program including the Shell? Fuel Rewards? program. No more than one (1) FRN? Card can be linked to your Fuel Rewards Network? account at a time.
How do I change my shell Fuel Rewards card?
Please go to the ?order a card? section of the Shell Go+ website,, where you can order a new one.
How do I link my Fuel Rewards card to my account?
Join the Fuel Rewards? program and log in to your account. Download the Fuel Rewards app, link your credit and debit cards, and opt in to Link & Save?. When you go to fill up, skip the prompts at the pump. Just swipe your linked credit or debit card and your rewards are automatically applied.
How do I redeem my fuel points?
Use the Fuel Rewards app to link a credit or debit card to your Fuel Rewards account. At the pump, swipe your linked card to access your rewards and lower your fuel price. Select YES to redeem all rewards or NO to only redeem savings from Gold or Silver Status.
Is the Shell Fuel Rewards Card worth it?

The Shell Fuel Rewards? Mastercard? is great for people who drive on a regular basis and typically fill up their tank at a Shell station. But if you don?t live near a Shell gas station or you spend more time in Ubers or Lyfts than your own car, you might not get as much value out of this card.
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Do Shell Fuel Rewards expire?
Fuel Rewards savings earned through the Shell Fuel Rewards program expire on the last day of the month immediately following the month in which they are earned. For example, Fuel Rewards savings earned April 15 will expire on May 31, and Fuel Rewards savings earned April 30 will also expire on May 31.
How do I redeem my Murphy?s rewards?

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How to Redeem Fuel Rewards savings Find a participating Shell or other select fuel station. When prompted at the pump, select ?Rewards? then ?Fuel Rewards? or ?FRN? Key-in your Alt ID before you pay. Insert your credit or debit card to finish the transaction.

How do I link my stop and shop to fuel rewards?

Customers can opt in to the Fuel Rewards program through registering online for a Stop & Shop account. Existing online account holders can link through their profile at Once linked, customers can track their combined savings through their Stop & Shop online account.

How do I redeem Stop and Shop gas points at Shell?

Customers may redeem their points at Stop & Shop gas stations and participating Shell stations by swiping their participating Stop & Shop card or manually entering the 13-digit number on the back of their key tag which will instantly initiate the price drop.

Is fuel rewards only for Shell?
While membership in the Fuel Rewards program is open to anyone, Gold+ Status is available by invitation only. How do I get Gold+ Status? We encourage you to make Shell your preferred fuel brand and purchase often using your Fuel Rewards account to increase your opportunity to reach Gold+ Status.
How do you save more with Shell fuel rewards?

We?re making it even easier to save at Shell.

Swipe your Fuel Rewards card before filling up.
Fill up* 4 times at any participating Shell station in the next 30 days.
Save 10?/gal on your 5th visit.

How does Stop & Shop Gas Rewards work?

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Gas Rewards enables customers to earn one point for every dollar they spend at Stop & Shop on qualifying purchases, and for every 100 points, they?ll get 10 cents off per gallon of their next gasoline purchase at Stop & Shop and participating Shell stations.

How do I stop redeemed rewards?
A Subscriber may choose to stop all 4438 text transactions by texting STOP to 4438.
How do I redeem my Robinsons points?
How do I redeem my points? Present a valid ID and your Go Rewards Card /Go Rewards QR code to use your points to pay for your transaction at participating Robinsons stores and Redemption Partner establishments. Notes: Redeemed Go Rewards Points cannot be cancelled after redemption is confirmed.
Can Stop and Shop gift cards be used for gas?
Can I use my Stop and Shop gift card for gas? You most certainly can! Feel free to use your Stop and Shop card at the pump and earn some of those Fuel Rewards! You can either pay at the pump with your card, or come in the store to use your gift card.
How much does stop and shop charge for delivery?

Delivery is free for the first 60 days. * After that, just pay per order, or subscribe for free delivery and extra perks.
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Order Size

$100.00 and up

to $100.00

$60.00 to $100.00

How does Stop N Shop pick up work?

Can you return gift cards to stop and shop?

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At the store, they park in a ?Grocery Pickup? spot, call a phone number to signal their arrival and then a Stop & Shop store associate will bring their groceries to their car. Stop & Shop said each store has four to six designated parking spots for grocery pickup. Same-day online pickup costs $2.95.

What states have Stop & Shop?

Stop & Shop gives you one month after your purchase to make a return, associates from Stop & Shop?s corporate customer service department told us. Items can be in any condition, including open and used, but gift cards are not returnable or redeemable for cash.

Can I use my Stop & Shop card at Giant?
Stop & Shop operates a total of 416 stores in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, upstate and metropolitan New York, and New Jersey. Giant boasts 169 stores in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.
How do you get rid of unwanted gift cards?

Stop&Shop/Giant/Martin?s Fuel Points Can Be Used On Groceries (?Stop & Shop Go Rewards?) Stop & shop is now allowing some gas rewards customers the ability to use their points towards grocery purchases.