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How do I delete HubSpot?

Delete from within a record

In your HubSpot account, navigate to your contacts, companies, calls, deals, or tickets index page.
Click the name of your record.
In the left panel, click the Actions dropdown menu, then select Delete.

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What happens when you delete a user HubSpot?

When a user is removed from an account, HubSpot will not delete any assets or activities that they created. If you remove a user from your account, Deactivated User (removed user?s email address) will appear in the ownership property for any contacts, companies, deals, and tickets owned by that user.

How do I cancel HubSpot?

In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar. In the left sidebar menu, navigate to General. Click the Email tab. Select the Include unsubscribe link checkbox.

How do I remove someone from my HubSpot list?

Remove contacts from a static list

In your HubSpot account, navigate to Contacts > Lists.
Click the name of the static list.
In the list, select the checkboxes next to the contacts to remove from the list.

How do I manage paid users on HubSpot?

In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar. In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Users & Teams. In the upper right, click Manage paid users.

How many users can use HubSpot?

Standard users of HubSpot are free. So you can add as many as you like and not worry about your cost changing. The only time that costs go up with users is when you assigne them either paid Sales Hub or paid Service Hub seats. Hope this helps.

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Can you take payments through HubSpot?

Can HubSpot make invoices?

Integration features
HubSpot integrates Stripe Checkout into a Quote, collecting payment by credit card. When a payment is accepted, HubSpot creates a customer and adds subscriptions to that customer in Stripe.$MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $[“394bf0ef-bc74-4dbc-9196-e04d679d625b”]); })

How do I hide properties in HubSpot?
HubSpot invoicing allows you to create invoices in HubSpot. These invoices can be viewed in Xero, ready to be approved and sent to your customers.
What can HubSpot do for me?

In your HubSpot Sales account, click Contacts in the main navigation menu. Click the name of the contact.
In the About section, click View > View all properties.$MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $[“394bf0ef-bc74-4dbc-9196-e04d679d625b”]); })

Uncheck the Hide blank properties box and search for HubSpot Owner.
Click the dropdown for the HubSpot Owner property and select a user.
Click Save.

What currencies can you pay for HubSpot in?
HubSpot provides the tools to build websites, publish content, manage social media, send emails, automate lead nurturing workflows and more ? all in one place, on one platform.
Do you have to pay for HubSpot?
In the HUbSpot settings i just see the way to choose just Euro or just US Dollar for all Deals. Hi Yn, We now support muti-currency in deals and quotes. You can add multiple currencies in your account settings, then select currency that is applicable to a specific deal and create a quote with defined currency.
What companies use HubSpot?

Free. The free tier of HubSpot Marketing Hub is the ultimate example of ?try before you buy.? Much of HubSpot?s core functionality is available to you for the low low price of $0/month. You can create basic forms, use live chat and (very) basic chat bots, manage contact records, and send out marketing emails.

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Can I use HubSpot without a website?

3866 companies reportedly use HubSpot in their tech stacks, including Accenture, Ruangguru, and Mollie.

Samba Tech.

Is HubSpot hard to use?

You can create a HubSpot portal without having a proper website for starters. You can change the domain associated with your portal down the road. While HubSpot has website services, it is also a CRM, so having a portal may be beneficial even before your website is set up.

Is HubSpot owned by Google?
6. HubSpot is really easy to use. HubSpot has gone to great lengths to fine-tune its usability. It now features a simple layout which makes it even easier to navigate to all of the different powerful tools on offer.
Is HubSpot only for B2B?

It?s time that Google buys HubSpot. This dance has been going on for a while. The King of Search recognized HubSpot?s potential back in 2011 when its Google Ventures arm came together with Sequoia and Salesforce to invest $32 million into HubSpot.

Is HubSpot a good company?

HubSpot isn?t just for B2B lead generation businesses. As we already mentioned, HubSpot has robust resources for eCommerce brands looking to jump into inbound marketing. Their team aligned its HubSpot Marketing Hub roll out with a new site launch, and was able to make tremendous leaps in its marketing efforts.

Is HubSpot user friendly?

HubSpot Voted the #4 Best Place to Work in 2021 by the Glassdoor Employees? Choice Awards. Glassdoor evaluates all company reviews shared by employees over the past year, and we?re grateful to our team for their honest and open feedback about what it?s like to work at HubSpot.

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Who is HubSpot owned by?
It is worth exploring as a solution that can grow with a businesses? needs. HubSpot CRM has got a decently designed user interface (UI); and it integrates well with other HubSpot products. HubSpot CRM includes free versions of the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub products.