FAQ: Can you bury PEX tubing?

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Can pex pipes be used underground? ? The answer is YES ? It can be used underground. It should be buried below the frost line and best if bedded in sand or stone dust. The Advantages Of Using PEX Tubing are: It?s very flexible.
Can PEX tubing be used underground?
Some plumbing contractors may be surprised to know that PEX is approved for use in underground as well as in-slab applications. Installing PEX pipe in the slab or underground can help reduce costs because there are no hangers required and less ladder time for installers (adding to installation efficiencies).
What type of PEX can be buried?
PEX-B is the first choice for burying due to its higher bursting pressure and reduced issues with leached chemicals. What is this? Some individuals are wary of using any type of PEX tubing outdoors because it degrades under UV light.

Can you bury PEX pipe in the dirt?
PEX tubing is approved for direct burial outdoors, a practice most often necessary when running a water supply line to a house. Sleeving the buried PEX (in PVC, for example) shields the tubing and can make potential repairs easier. Embedding PEX in sand protects it from any rocks in the soil.
Is PEX suitable for direct burial?
PEX pipe is approved for direct burial in soil or concrete. Some PEX fittings and fitting materials are also rated for direct burial; check with the manufacturer for approved applications and installation guidelines.
Why is PEX plumbing bad?
Potential chemical leaching is another downside of PEX piping. Due to its chemical composition, the PEX pipe material may leach toxic chemicals including bisphenol (BPA), MTBE, tertiary butyl alcohol (TBA), and others.
Which pipe is best for underground water supply?
HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipes are a considered the best choice for underground water lines. What makes this type of piping so great? HDPE pipes are non-toxic, tasteless, and considered a green building material. The pipes are designed to be high crack- and corrosion-resistant.
Can Apollo PEX be buried?

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PEX pipe will start to become brittle and crack with continued exposure to sunlight. Can PEX pipe be buried? Yes. So long as you have good soil conditions: Flat with no hollows, no lumps, no rocks, and no other sharp objects.
Where is PEX not allowed?
PEX can?t be installed in high heat areas. You can?t install PEX in high heat areas like near recessed lighting. This also means you can?t connect PEX directly to a hot water heater, but you can use a connecting material to do this.
What is the difference between white and blue PEX?
Blue PEX pipe carries cold water. White PEX pipe can be used for either hot or cold water.
How deep do you need to bury a water line?
Water filled pipe should be buried at least 12? below the maximum expected frost line. It is recommended that thermoplastic piping be run within a metal or concrete casing when it is installed beneath surfaces that are subject to heavyweight or constant traffic such as roadways and railroad tracks.
Can PEX be exposed to sunlight?
PEX piping is highly susceptible to damage by sunlight. If exposed to sunlight, the molecular structure disintegrates. This causes the piping to become brittle and rupture. Most manufacturers put UV stabilizers in PEX tubing to provide at least 30 to 60 days UV protection.
Why is PEX banned in California?
PEX was banned in California due to some concerns about toxic materials leaking through the pipe and into water. Through various national laboratory tests, PEX has proven to be completely safe and durable. It is now legal in California and even included in principal plumbing codes.
How long does PEX last for?
Additionally, long-term testing programs on PEX have shown that it has a potential lifespan of more than 100 years. So, while copper systems may have to be re-piped every few years or decades due to corrosion and pinhole leaks, a PEX system can last 10 times longer ? or more.
Can I use PEX for main water line?
You can install PEX fittings supply just like you would other pipe, with main lines and branches to each fixture. But you lose a lot of the benefits of PEX with this system since it requires so many fittings.

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