FAQ: What percentage of autistic adults are married?

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Nearly half of adults with autism live with a family member and about one in five is unemployed, according to a new analysis1. Only 5 percent have ever been married.
Do adults with autism get married?
The short answer is yes, autistic adults can get married. There is nothing inherent in a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder that would legally prevent someone from marrying, signing contracts, or otherwise making binding commitments.
What is the divorce rate for autism?
Parents of children with an ASD had a higher rate of divorce than the comparison group ( 23.5% vs. 13.8%).
What percent of adults with autism live independently?
Young adults with autism are more likely to live with their parents and least likely to live independently after leaving high school as compared to those with other types of disabilities, researchers say. Only about 17 percent of young adults on the spectrum ages 21 to 25 have ever lived independently.

Does autism cause divorce?
Researchers compared divorce rates over time among 391 parents of children with autism and parents of children without disabilities. The divorce rate for parents of autistic children was 23.5%, compared with 13.8% among parents of children who did not have any disabilities.
Is it okay to date someone with autism?
Romantic relationships can be difficult to maneuver when you?re dating on the autism spectrum. Romantic relationships are complex and confusing for neurotypical people. But, for autistic people, romantic relationships are even more complex and confusing. Many people with autism crave intimacy and love.
Does autism worsen with age?
Autism does not change or worsen with age, and it is not curable.
How do you live with an autistic wife?
Here are a few other tips for coping with having a spouse on the autism spectrum:

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Communicate your needs directly.
When you do communicate, try not to show much emotion.
Understand that your other half is more likely than most to become obsessive about a hobby.

How does autism affect marriage?
The sensory overload people with autism often experience also can factor into couples? conflicts. A noisy party and the effort it takes to make conversation, for example, can make the individual with autism anxious and less attentive to their partner.
Does having an autistic child cause divorce?
The severity of a child?s autism symptoms had no effect on the likelihood that parents would go their separate ways. ?While there are indeed stressors in parenting a child with autism, it doesn?t necessarily result in the family breaking up more often than would occur in another family,? Dr. Freedman has said.
What do autistic adults struggle with?
Autistic people may find some aspects of communication and social interaction challenging. They may have difficulty relating to people and understanding their emotions. Autistic adults may also have inflexible thought patterns and behavior, and may carry out repetitive actions.
How old is the oldest autistic person?
Donald Triplett was the first person ever diagnosed with autism. Today, at age 77, he lives independently in his hometown of Forest, Miss., exemplifying what?s possible for those with autism entering adulthood.
How many autistic adults live with parents?
Nearly half ? 49 percent ? of the adults with autism or Asperger?s syndrome still lived with their parents.
What is the divorce rate for people with Aspergers?
Adults with Aspergers syndrome who marry often find it difficult to stay married; some initial research puts the divorce rate at approximately eighty percent. The resulting split can be fraught with intense or ?high? conflict or domestic violence.
What is the divorce rate for special needs parents?
According to the documentary film, ?Autism Every Day?, divorce rates for families with children with autism are as high as eighty percent (80%) and for families of children with all disabilities that number has been touted as high as eighty-five to eighty-seven percent (85-87%).
How does an autistic child affect the family?
Having a child with Autism the impact on various aspects of family lives are affected including housekeeping, finances, emotional and mental health of parents, marital relationships, physical health of family members, limiting the response to the needs of other children within the family, poor sibling relationships,

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