FAQ: Why did Kimberly Williams leave According to Jim?

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On May 13, 2008, ABC officially renewed the series and Season 8 began airing on December 2, 2008. Kimberly Williams-Paisley left the show?s regular cast at the beginning of Season 8 and was not in the Season 8 opening credits, to devote her time to motherhood. She made a guest appearance only in the season finale.
When did Dana leave According to Jim?
?According to Jim? Dana Gets Fired (TV Episode 2003 ) ? IMDb.
Did Gracie leave According to Jim?
Billi Bruno as Gracie Bili Bruno had played the role of Gracie in According to Jim. The report mentioned that she has also quit acting and Hollywood. Apart from According to Jim, Bili Bruno did not feature in any other sitcom or movie.

What happened to Dana?s husband on According to Jim?
Dana has trouble holding onto partners but eventually marries Dr. Ryan Gibson (Mitch Rouse) and the two have a child together. Dana (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) and Ryan (Mitch Rouse) return from California for a visit and announce that they?re expecting.
Did Brad Paisley appear on According to Jim?
According to Jim (TV Series 2001?2009) ? Brad Paisley as Chad, Eddie ? IMDb.
What does Dana do on According to Jim?
Dana is Cheryl?s sister and Jim?s sister in law. She is known to embarrass herself in front of others. During one Halloween, she dressed as Catwoman but didn?t realize she walked out of the house with toilet paper stuck to one of her leather boots. She also farted in front of the family while pregnant.
Why was According to Jim Cancelled?

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You would think that the sitcom?s fate would be sealed with those numbers but Jim was miraculously renewed for an eighth season. It turned out that the renewal had little to do with the ratings and everything to with syndication revenue.
Are Larry Joe Campbell and Jim Belushi friends?
?Jim is one of my most favorite people in the whole world,? said Campbell. ?When I got out to LA he was a mentor. As a father, as a man, as a husband I run things by him. He?s a dear friend.?
Did Andy get married on According to Jim?
He is the only one of his siblings that is yet to be married. He lives across the street from Jim and Cheryl and is one of the main characters.
Does Cheryl have twins on According to Jim?
According to Jim stars Jim Belushi as an easy-going Chicago suburbanite and Courtney Thorne-Smith as his wife, Cheryl. The couple has three children, and in season seven, Cheryl gives birth to twins to make it five.
Was Julie Newmar on According to Jim?
?According to Jim? The Grumpy Guy (TV Episode 2006) ? Julie Newmar as Julie ? IMDb.
What episode is Brad Paisley on According to Jim?
You Gotta Love Somebody: Part 2.
What episode of Jim is Brad Paisley in?
The Brother-in-Law.

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