How To Screen Record On LG G5 SE

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Do you want to know how to record the screen on LG G5 SE? Screen Recording can be helpful to convey a message on your mobile to your colleague easily. Let?s learn how to video capture or Screen Record on LG G5 SE in this tutorial.
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Screen Record on LG G5 SE With Inbuilt Screen Recording

Record Screen on LG G5 SE With A Screen Recording App

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With the latest release of Android Q (LG UX 9) or Android R (LG UX 10), there is an inbuilt screen recording option on LG devices. Let?s learn how you can use that to record your screen and also your audio.
LG G5 SE Supports Android 6.0.1, up to 7.0, LG Optimus UX UI 5 Operating System. So the screenshot process is different based on the Android OS version. Let?s learn one by one.
Screen Record on LG G5 SE With Inbuilt Screen Recording
1. To access the screen recording function on your LG G5 SE, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the quick toggle options on the notification panel.
2. Then long press on the Screen recording toggle function.
3. This will open the LG Screen recording settings where you can change recording quality between 480p, 720p, and 1080p resolution.
4. Under Sound, you can choose No sound, Media Sound, Media Sound, and Mic options.
5. You can also select the recording of selfie video size on the screen recording settings from Small to Large by moving the slider.
6. When you are done setting up the Screen recorder, click on the Screen Recording toggle to start the recording.
7. You will see a screen record timer at the top right of your screen.
8. To stop it open the LG notification panel again and click on the Screen recording button.
9. The screen recording will be saved automatically on your LG Gallery App inside the Screen Recordings Folder.
10. You can now share the recorded video content on social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
On older LG devices, the inbuilt screen recording option is not available. So we need to download a third-party application to record your device?s screen.
Record Screen on LG G5 SE With A Screen Recording App
1. Open the Google Play Store on your LG G5 SE device.
2. Then search for ?Screen Recording App with audio? on the search bar and hit go. Or Visit this Google Play Store URL if you are on a desktop browser.
3. Now select any of the listed screen recording apps that you like and click on install.
4. After installation of the Screen Recording app, Open the Screen Recorder app and click on the start button to start the screen recording. Sometimes these options will be available on the notification panel itself like Record, Pause, and Stop.
5. That?s it, you have successfully recorded your LG G5 SE screen with our tutorial.

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