How to Tame a Pet in Ragnarok Online

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How do you get a pet in Ragnarok?

How do you make your pet loyal Ragnarok?

To get bonus to pet loyalty, YOU MUST FEED the pet at NEUTRAL. If you feed at HUNGRY OR VERY HUNGRY, it will not get any loyalty points (No loyalty point at hungry and lose loyalty points when feeding at very hungry).
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Where can I buy taming items in Ragnarok?
All Taming Items are obtainable from Endless Tower rewards and from the Exchange. All Taming Items except Contract In Shadow, Silver Knife of Chastity and Book of the Devil are also sold in the Pet Material Shop in South Prontera.
How do you get the Obeaune pet?

Combine a Level 10 Intimacy Poring and Lunatic to obtain the Obeaune pet. Leveling up its resurrection skill ?Blessings? decreases the skill cooldown and increases the restored HP. At max level (Lv 10) it has a Skill CD of 200 sec and resurrects you with 100% HP.

Where can I buy a Deviruchi pet?

How to catch at 100% Success Rate

Taming Item

Armlet of Obedience
Pyramid 1F

Contract in Shadow
Geffen Dungeon Underground Geffen 2F Glast Heim Chivalry

Silver Knife of Chastity
Payon Cave 2F-3F

Baphomet Jr.
Book of the Devil
Glast Heim Hall Glast Heim Wing

Nov 13, 2018

How do you increase intimacy of a pet in Ragnarok Online?

How do I increase my intimacy pet Ragnarok Mobile?

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You can increase a pet?s intimacy by feeding him his taming item (Green Apple for Poring, etc.), ?petting? him, or going to battle with him. Finish the rest of the quest and you should get an item called the Pet Adventure Guide book! You will need this to start sending your pets to adventures.

How many items do you need to tame a succubus?

The New Pets of EP5. 0

Taming Item
Req: 100% rate

Swaying Apron (MVP Drop)

Love Letter (MVP Drop)

Monster Shield (MVP Drop)

Piece of Armor (MVP Drop)

Oct 3, 2019

How do I feed my pet in Ragnarok classic?

To feed your pet, right-click on it and choose ?Feed Pet?. Your pet will then make an emote, letting you know it has eaten. It is possible to overfeed your pet. Only feed it once at a time and its intimacy will slowly rise.

How do I feed my pet Ragnarok?

To feed a pet, right-click on it and choose ?Feed Pet.? For cost savings when working towards Loyal, only feed it when its hunger is at Hungry. To tame it faster, feed it when its hunger is at Neutral, but do not feed it any earlier than that. The pet will then make an emote, letting the owner know it has eaten.

How do you evolve pet IRO?

To evolve your pet, it must be loyal, not equipping its accessory, and you must have the required items in your inventory.

How do you tame a teddy bear Ragnarok?

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For catching Teddy Bear, you need the Gift Box for taming it. It is also available in the Colorful Shell store and at the Exchange. You need up to 6 pet materials to catch this pet (This are the safest number, exact amount will be updated soon). Teddy Bear can be found at the Toy Factory 1F together with the cruiser.

How do you tame a Sohee?

How do you evolve pets in Ragnarok Mobile?

Where can I find Yoyo Ragnarok?

Yoyo is a mischievous animal living in the deep forest.




Natural Habitat
Mt. Mjolnir, Prontera fields, Labyrinth Forest, Ayothaya fields

Where is Dokebi?
Dokebi is a traditional Korean monster living near Payon; it is a kind of good fairy.
How do you get marvelous pet bag in Ragnarok Mobile?

* ?Marvelous Pet Bag? is available for newly created characters who have completed the Pet Guide quest. Instant Completion is available for both modes: Monster Photo Contest and Monster Quiz. You will complete the current round instantly and proceed to the next.

How do I get pet house in Ragnarok Mobile?

To buy a house in Ragnarok Mobile, talk to Ferrut NPC in Prontera bottom-right area and tell him to ?Build the Cabin.? You will need 1,000,000 Zeny to purchase your home. If you have Reward Vouchers, they can reduce the cost by 100,000 Zeny each.