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No, I?m talking about the not-insignificant number of fans who rally around the two special edition Bullitt Mustangs?the first from 2001 and the second from 2008 and 2009?of which a total of 12,164 examples were built.
How many Bullitt Mustangs were made for the movie?
Two identical 1968 Mustang GT fastbacks were used in the film, which debuted Oct. 17, 1968.
Who owns the 1968 Bullitt Mustang now?
The iconic movie car has been owned by the Kiernan family since 1974. After nearly 50 years, McQueen?s Mustang GT fastback from ?Bullitt? is back on the world?s stage.
How many 1968 Mustangs were Bullitt?
Ford produced 1,251 of these in several body styles and to this day they are considered one of the greatest Mustangs of all time!

What happened to the Dodge Charger in Bullitt?
The blue Charger was said to be used for the gas station crash scene. During production the Charger completely missed the gas station and you can see it in the film as it tumbles into a cloud of dust behind the station as McQueen drives past it on the highway.
What happened to the original Bullitt Mustang?
After a 40-year hiatus, the green fastback made a triumphant return to the limelight at the Detroit Auto Show in 2018, completing a worldwide media tour in the time since. Earlier this month, however, the Bullitt Mustang was finally sold at the Mecum Auction in Kissimmee, Florida.
What engine did the Bullitt Mustang have?
Two Mustang GTs were used for the movie Bullitt starring Steve McQueen. Both cars had 390-cubic inch V8 engines with four-speed transmissions. The engine supposedly made 320 horsepower and 427 lb.

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Did Steve McQueen do his own driving in Bullitt?
Although Steve McQueen was credited with the driving during the chase sequence, it was actually shared by McQueen and Bud Ekins, one of Hollywood?s best stunt drivers. From the interior shots looking forward inside the Mustang, it?s easy to see which one is driving.
What exhaust did the Bullitt Mustang have?
The 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt comes with an Active Valve Performance system exhaust. It provides you with the option of adjusting the sound levels of the car between four levels of loudness.
What years did Ford make Bullitt Mustangs?
It only was available in 1967 and 1969 fastback models. From the factory was a potent 320 horsepower, but some engines were capable of putting over 330 at 4,800 RPM.
How many 2001 Mustangs were Bullitt?
A Total of 5582 were made but the numbers go up 5601. These numbers includes 3 prototypes of which the McQueen family received four cars. These Special Bullitt?s were given specific Stickers that read ?McQueen 1, McQueen 2, McQueen 3, and McQueen 4?.
Does the Bullitt Charger still exist?
We are proud to be the new owner of this car and look forward to showing the car and hopefully finding out more information about this car to authenticate it?s provenance and history. This car is believed to be 1 of 2 Chargers from the movie Bullitt starring Steve McQueen. This is the only surviving Charger.
Who owns the charger from the movie Bullitt?
Two Chargers For The Shoot These were bought by Bill Hickman ? a veteran stuntman who drove the Charger ? from Glendale Dodge in Southern California.
What color was the Charger in Bullitt?
?We had three identical green 1968 Ford Mustang fastbacks and three black Dodge Chargers in the movie,? said Hickman when interviewed. ?Many writers have said two, but there were three of each.

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