Often asked: How do you identify Fostoria glassware?

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Fostoria glass will be smooth to the touch. Other glassware can have a bumpy, rough or wavy texture due to the lack of fire polishing. Turn on a black light in a dark room and shine it directly on the glassware. If it is true Fostoria, the glass will appear a very light yellow.
Does Fostoria have a mark?
Fostoria Glass Company Most Fostoria pieces are not marked and must be identified by the pattern and/or etching found on the piece. This type of acid etched mark was used during the 1970s on many Navarre pieces, according to ?Collectible Glassware from the 40s, 50s, and 60s? by Gene Florence.
Is Fostoria glassware worth anything?
The Fostoria Glass Company also became known for its etched patterns. The most valuable pieces today are the colored glassware with etched patterns. A colored pitcher can be valued anywhere from $600 to $1,000 as of 2010. A rare piece such as an old parlor lamp can garner over $2,000.
How many Fostoria patterns are there?
Fostoria was considered one of the top producers of elegant glass. It had over 1,000 patterns, including one (American) that was produced for over 75 years.

Is there lead in Fostoria glassware?
And while we are on the subject, Fostoria did make some lead crystal glass, with 24% lead content, in patterns such as Panelled Diamond Point, Stowe, Alta, Vail, Aspen and others. But they always called it ?lead crystal?.
How do you identify Fostoria American pattern?

Look-a-like patterns can confuse glass collectors, but its possible to identify the Fostoria American glass by color, finish and the number of seams. Look for colorless glass. Most pieces in the Fostoria American pattern are clear with few exceptions. Pieces in the Cube pattern are frequently pink or green.
Where can I sell Fostoria glassware?
EBay is one of the best places to sell Fostoria because the buyers on eBay know their business.
What is American Fostoria?
American Fostoria Fostoria is considered ?elegant? glassware. Although much of it was produced during the depression era, it is a higher quality than most other depression glassware. The American pattern was produced from 1915 until 1986 and is the most commercially successful pattern ever produced.
Can Fostoria glassware go in dishwasher?
Even when Fostoria Glass Company was sold, the quality was still very high for the reproduced Dinner Plates. The plates can become scratched and dull from all the abuse of knives, forks ? and even dishwashers. The Dinner Plates should be hand washed, and never put in a dishwasher.
Where was Fostoria crystal made?
Fostoria?s original factory borrowed its name in 1887 from the town in which it was built: Fostoria, Ohio. The business moved to Moundsville, West Virginia in 1891 where they produced glassware of the highest quality through 1983 when Lancaster Colony bought the business.
What is coin glass?
coin glass, glassware usually in the form of wineglasses, goblets, or tankards enclosing a coin either in the foot, or in the hollow knop of the stem, rarely in an interior bulb. A Venetian specimen of coin glass dated 1647 is known, but the principal occurrence is in English glass from about 1650 onward.

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