Often asked: How do you prune a Schubert chokecherry tree?

By: Thurman Schinner

Pruning a ?Schubert? Chokecherry Prune away dead or diseased branches any time of year with hand pruners. For branches larger than 3/4 inch in diameter, use a lopper or pruning saw. In early spring, remove any inward-growing branches or those that rub against each other and cause bark wounds.
Prune black chokeberry stems and branches to encourage bushiness,cutting the shrub to 20 inches above the ground after it flowers. Flowering usually occurs in May or June. Prune each stem or branch just above a leaf node to avoid die-back in the plant. A leaf node looks like a small lump or bud.
How do you take care of a chokecherry tree?
During the fall, plant your chokecherry in a large container with good drainage and enough sunlight. You can use any type of soil for this plant; just make sure it is not too acidic or too alkaline. At the beginning, maintain the soil moist, but as the shrub starts to grow water less frequently.
Can I severely prune a cherry tree?
The only pruning necessary at that time would be to remove any broken or damaged branches and/or roots. Plan to prune your cherry trees every year during their dormant season. In Zone 6 and north, you should wait until late winter.
How do you prune a Japanese flowering cherry tree?
Prune cherry trees immediately after blooming to promote new growth and flower display. Trimming should be light at this time. Cut suckers from around the bottom of the tree. Thin any branches that are outside of the desired shape.

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Can you eat the berries from a Schubert chokecherry?
The fruit from this tree is a staff favourite for jams, jellies, and wines. It produces white flowers in the spring and edible dark purple fruit that matures between September and October. Its cherries are great for making for making jams and jellies (or wine), but are not very palatable for raw eating.
How tall does a chokecherry tree get?
Chokecherry is a native, perennial, deciduous, woody, thicket-forming large erect shrub or small tree. It rarely reaches a height of over 30 feet. The crown is irregular and from 10 to 20 feet wide when mature.
How far back can you cut a cherry tree?
Opt for limbs that are at a 45 to 60-degree angles to the leader and at least 8 inches (20 cm.) apart vertically from the lowest branch about 18 inches (46 cm.) above the ground. Cut those four branches back to 24 inches (61 cm.)
How much can you cut back a cherry tree?

If you have an established acid cherry tree, as well as removing dead, damaged or diseased branches, as above:

Remove about a quarter of the remaining older wood, cutting back to a main branch or younger side-shoot.
Shorten any young shoots that are more than 12 inches long by a third to encourage branching.

When should you prune a Japanese cherry tree?
The best time of year to prune a Japanese cherry tree is in late winter. You don?t want to prune a tree so early in the year that new growth is stimulated while the weather is still cold. For Japanese cherry trees with pink blossoms, prune about two weeks before your expected last frost.
When should I trim my Japanese cherry tree?
Maintenance pruning should be done right after your Kwanzan cherry tree finishes blooming in the spring. Don?t prune before your tree flowers, or you?ll be cutting off the buds before they have a chance to bloom.
How do you shape a flowering cherry tree?
How do I prune cherry trees

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First spring after planting: A year old cherry tree will normally have several sidebranches.
Second spring: Remove any shoots growing into the centre, and cut back to the trunk any shoots below the lowest main branch.
Third spring: Shorten new growth on all major shoots by about two-thirds.

What is a Schubert tree?
Schubert Chokecherry is a deciduous tree with a more or less rounded form. Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or shrubs for an effective composition.
What is the lifespan of a chokecherry tree?
In Ojibwe this shrub is known as Asasaweminagaawanzh. It grows prolifically from sprouting stumps and root suckers. It grows fast and has a short life span. In fact, on average chokecherries grow 4 to 6 metres (13 to 20?) in 40 to 60 years.
What is the difference between chokecherry and chokeberry?
Black chokeberry is one of the common names for Aronia Melanocarpa. The name ?chokeberry? can easily be misunderstood as the word ?chokecherry.? Chokecherry is the common name for a different plant, prunus virginiana. In fact, the two plants are only distantly related to the rose family of plants.

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