Often asked: What is a familiar in Tokyo Ravens?

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Edit. Shikigami are a type of familiar used by practitioners of Onmyoudou. The term ?Shikigami? refers to servants that Onmyouji manipulated, ?shiki? meaning ?servitude?, and shikigami being ?spirits who serve their practitioner?.
Is Hokuto A familiar?
She has a Gohou-Type shikigami (Defense Familiars) called Hokuto, a true dragon spirit who has served the main family of Tsuchimikados for generations. She deeply cares about her family reputation and holds the burden of being the next heir of the Tsuchimikado clan.
Was Hokuto Natsume familiar?
Shikigami. Hokuto: is a Gohou type familiar, a rare true dragon spirit that served the Main Tsuchimikado Family for a long time. When Natsume died during the event of volume 8 and 9, Harutora revived her by anchoring her soul with this dragon spirit.
Who is the guy with one arm in Tokyo Ravens?
Along with Hishamaru, Kakugyouki is known as one of the legendary familiar of Yakou that served him, during the second World War. According to Reiji?s familiar Shaver, he could be Ibaraki-d?ji, a legendary ogre with great power, and Kakugyouki is missing one arm, just like the description of Ibaraki-d?ji.

What is Hokuto in Tokyo Ravens?
The dragon shikigami that has been serving the Tsuchimikado family for generations. Hokuto is a true dragon, made of pure Yin-aura, that makes it attractive to spiritual disasters. Its current master is Natsume Tsuchimikado.
Who is Harutora familiar?
Raven?s Wing is one of the Harutora?s familiars that usually takes the form of the coat that can shoot out raven feathers and protect its master. While not being worn, it takes the form three legged divine crow known as Yatagarasu.
What was in Natsume?s closet?
They never show you what is in Natsume?s closet but it is The kimono she wore as Hokuto to the festival that took place in episode 1. If Harutora saw the kimono, he would have found out that Hokuto is Natsume?s shinigami which is why she didn?t want anyone to see what was in the closet.
What happened to Amami Tokyo Ravens?
Genji, in fear of the many curses that a practitioner of Amami?s level could unleash upon his death, did not kill Amami, instead he sealed his magical power, cut off the tendons of his fingers and burned his throat to prevent him from making seals and chanting incantations.
What does the ending of Tokyo Ravens mean?
tokyo-ravens. Harutora?s attempt to resurrect Natsume supposedly succeeded, but Saotome Suzu, who had helped to perform the ritual, told the other characters over the phone that it technically was a success.
Who is Hishamaru?
Hishamaru (???, Hishamaru?) is one of Yakou Tsuchimikado?s familiars during her lifetime. Later, she was sealed along with Yakou?s powers within Harutora, and becomes a smaller and weaker servant shikigami of his called Kon (??, Kon?).
Who is the main female character in Tokyo Ravens?
Natsume Tsuchimikado. The main female protagonist. She is the future head of the Tsuchimikado clan, and such a genius at Onmy?d? that many suspect her to be a reincarnation of the infamous Yakou Tsuchimikado.
How old is Harutora?
Harutora Tsuchimikado is the son of Yasuzumi Tsuchimikado, and the rightful heir to the Tsuchimikado main family and Yakou Tsuchimikado?s reincarnation. He is now 17 year old.
Has Tokyo Ravens ended?
Tokyo Ravens (???????, T?ky? Reivunzu) is a Japanese light novel series written by K?hei Azano and illustrated by Sumihei. It was adapted into a manga series in 2010. It received an anime series on October 9, 2013 and ended on March 26, 2014.
Who is the MC in Tokyo Revengers?
Takemichi Hanagaki ( ?? ???? ?? ????,, Hanagaki Takemichi?), or Takemitchy (?????,, Takemicchi?), is the story?s protagonist and a young man who can travel back in time: a Time Leaper.
What episode does Harutora awaken?
?The Sage of Six Paths? (???? Rikud? Sennin) is episode 421 of the Naruto: Shipp?den anime. He asked Kurama some chakra to summon gamabunta in Ep 56. Touji likes to make fun of Harutora and Hokuto by implying them being together.

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