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As the Unit Supply Specialist, you?ll be responsible for supervising and maintaining all Army supplies and equipment. You?ll receive, inspect, inventory, load and unload, store, issue, and deliver all supplies and equipment. You?ll also safely secure and control weapons and ammunition in security areas.
How much does a Unit Supply Specialist make in the army?
How does the salary as an Unit Supply Specialist at US Army compare with the base salary range for this job? The average salary for an Unit Supply Specialist is $43,100 per year in United States, which is 0% higher than the average US Army salary of $42,740 per year for this job.
Do Unit Supply Specialist see combat?
While they do occasionally serve in combat roles, and are trained as combat soldiers, MOS 92y is not considered a combat MOS.
Is Unit Supply Specialist a good MOS?
Requirements To Become An Army 92Y Unit Supply Specialist People that are good with math and keeping track of items will probably be good at the Army 92Y MOS. This job does not require the soldier to be a United States citizen, but it does carry these requirements: A physical rating of 222222.

Do 92F see combat?
This job is categorized as military occupational specialty (MOS) 92F. These soldiers work in all types of weather and a variety of conditions, which may include combat situations.
How long is AIT for 92Y?
Job training for a unit supply specialist requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and eight weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instructions. Part of this time is spent in the classroom, and part takes place in the field, including practice in handling and storing stock.
What is a supply sergeant in the Army?
The basic duties of an Army Supply Sergeant include: Responsible for the request, receipt, issue, and accountability of individual, organizational, installation, and expendable supplies and equipment. Schedules and performs preventive and organizational maintenance on weapons and other sensitive items.
What does a 25 Bravo do in the army?
This Army job is military occupational specialty (MOS) 25B ? Information Technology (IT) Specialists. These soldiers deal with highly sensitive information and need to have technical skills and aptitude for programming and computer languages.

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Where do most 88H get stationed?
As an 88H, you could be assigned to:

An S4 Shop.
A Transportation Company.
A port.
A MOB Station.
An airport.
A rail yard.
A warehouse.
Or just about anywhere else!

What is 31 Bravo in the army?
The Military Police, or MPs, also are trained in corrections and confining of inmates, prisoners of war, investigations and mobility security support around the world. Their main job is to protect and preserve the rule of law. The Army categorizes this job as military occupational specialty (MOS) 31B.
Does 92Y require security clearance?
Requirements for MOS 92Y In order to qualify for MOS 92Y, recruits need to score at least a 90 on the Clerical segment of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. There?s no security clearance required for this position and no strength requirement.
What does a 92Y make?
How much does an Unit Supply Specialist (92Y) in United States make? The highest salary for an Unit Supply Specialist (92Y) in United States is $62,612 per year. The lowest salary for an Unit Supply Specialist (92Y) in United States is $26,358 per year.
Does 92F get deployed?
As a 92F you can go anywhere because that MOS is pretty much used everywhere. I?ve seen 92F solders be everywhere from Texas to Japan. There is no ?standard? place to begin your career in any MOS. There are 92F positions in practically every location the Army operates.
How much does a petroleum supply specialist make in the army?
Average U.S. Army Petroleum Supply Specialist yearly pay in the United States is approximately $48,217, which is 8% above the national average.
What is POG in military?
Pogue or pog is American pejorative military slang for non-combat MOS (military occupational specialty) staff, and other rear-echelon or support units.

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