Often asked: Which terminal is southwest at San Jose?

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Southwest Airlines uses Terminal B at San Jose Airport.
Which terminal is Southwest in San Jose?
Terminal B contains gates 1 -14 and is served by Alaska, British Airways, Hainan & Southwest airlines. International flights arrive at the International Arrivals Building.
What terminal is Southwest Airlines?
?Southwest gates are in Terminal 1 at LAX, which is a huge horseshoe shape. That means arriving at the airport for a Southwest departure via shuttle or car is generally pretty easy and quick since Terminal 1 is the first stop.
Are terminals A and B connected at SJC?
It?s one of three major airports that serve the San Francisco Bay Area, with both Oakland and San Francisco located 40 miles north. SJC features two terminals, Terminal A and B, which are connected to one another. All international arrivals are located in Terminal A.

Is Southwest Terminal A or B at SMF?
Departures Terminal: Southwest Airlines uses Terminal B at Sacramento Airport (SMF).
Can you walk from Terminal A to B SJC?
You can walk between terminals airside.
Which airlines fly out of San Jose CA?
Airlines flying from San Jose

Southwest Airlines (WN)25 destinations.
Alaska (AS)16 destinations.
Delta (DL)5 destinations.
Volaris (Y4)5 destinations.
American Airlines (AA)4 destinations.
United Airlines (UA)3 destinations.
Hawaiian Airlines (HA)2 destinations.
JetBlue (B6)2 destinations.

Is Southwest Airlines in Terminal 1 or 2?
Terminal 2 operates flights by Southwest Airlines and any international arrivals, as the terminal has customs and immigration facilities. The terminal is located at the southern end of the airport and consists of 2 levels.

Which airlines are in Terminal 2?
Terminal 2

Sun Country.

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How many checked bags do you get with Southwest?
Baggage Allowance Southwest allows two (2) checked pieces of baggage per ticketed Customer.
Which terminal is JetBlue at SJC?
JetBlue Airways uses Terminal A at San Jose Airport.
Where do I pick up at SJC?
Arriving passengers may be picked-up by the Terminal A Parking Garage on the left-hand side of the roadway. Meeters/Greeters may also park in the One-Hour Express parking in Hourly Lot 2 to meet passengers on the second floor of the Hourly Lot 2 or within the Baggage Claim area.
Is Delta Terminal A or B at SJC?
Delta Air Lines uses Terminal A at San Jose Airport.
Can you get from Terminal A to B at SMF?
Inter-Terminal Directions Terminal A and Terminal B are in separate buildings. You can get to the other terminal by walking or taking an airport shuttle. Walking takes 10 minutes and is the fastest option.
What time does Southwest Open at SMF?
According to Southwest, Ticket Counter Opens 120 minutes before first departure.
What airlines are in Terminal A at SMF?
Terminal A It is served by Air Canada, American, Delta, and United. It houses on the lower level the baggage claim and check-in counters; on the upper level food & drink and retail concessions, leading to gates A1-5 to the right and to gates A10-17 to the left.

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