Quick Answer: Can Kitchen Island Be Taller Than Counters??

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The height of the island makes a big difference to the layout, as you don?t want a kitchen island that is exceptionally taller or shorter than surrounding countertops.
Ideally, you purchased countertops that are at an appropriate height, and you can buy a kitchen island at that same height.
What size should a kitchen island be?
The average size of a kitchen island is about 3 by 6? feet (1,000 by 2,000 millimeters). This would typically have a surrounding clearance zone of about 40 inches (1,000 millimeters). But an island?s size is usually determined by the distances around it, so it makes sense that larger rooms can allow for bigger islands.
How high should a kitchen peninsula be?
They are also the same height, which it typically 36 inches. Length is determined by how much space you have. You should have at least 36 inches to walk between the end of the peninsula and the wall, with about 48 inches between the front of the peninsula and the opposing cabinets.
Is my kitchen big enough for an island?
You may have a nice-sized kitchen now, but if your island is too large your kitchen will feel cramped. The general rule is that you will need at least 42 to 48 inches (106.68 cm to 121.92 cm) of open space around your island.

What is normal height of kitchen counter?
For countertops, the established standard is for the top of the countertop to fall about 36 inches above the floor. So widely accepted is this standard is that base cabinet manufacturers build all their cabinets to a height of 34 1/2 inches, assuming the countertop thickness will be 1 1/2 inches.
What is standard overhang for kitchen island?
The standard overhang of an island countertop ? on the side designed to sit at and tuck stools underneath ? is 12 inches. If you plan to extend the counter farther, you need to add supports such as legs, or wood corbels or metal L-brackets that extend half the overhang?s distance.
How much space should be between kitchen island and cabinets?
The NKBA Guidelines
At least 36 inches should be provided for walkways between an island and counter. If the counter space contains a work area and appliances such as a sink, stove or dishwasher, the work aisle should be 42 to 48 inches wide.
How wide is a kitchen island with seating?

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The NKBA guidelines recommend that each seat be 24 inches wide. But the depth, or knee space, required varies with countertop height. For a 30-inch-high island, knee depth should be 18 inches; for a 36-inch height, it should be 15 inches; and it should be 12 inches for a 42-inch-high island.

Is a kitchen island a good idea?
Islands are ideal for large kitchens and can help turn them into a great social space. This is not the case in small kitchens where the extra work top space may just make the room feel more cramped. Remember that there should ideally be between 42 and 48 inches of free space around the island.
Are kitchen peninsulas outdated?
Peninsulas function much like islands but offer more clearance in kitchens that may not be able to accommodate a true island. This bungalow kitchen is long and narrow, so rather than an island, it has a peninsula with enough seating for three.
What is the difference between bar and counter height?
A counter-height bar stool is commonly 23-28 inches from the floor to the seat (23- to 28-inch seat height). Pair counter-height bar stools with 35 to 37-inch table heights. A bar-height bar stool is commonly 29-32 inches from the floor to the seat (29 to 32-inch seat height).
Can you have an island in a small kitchen?
Small, square and practical
Ideally, the island should also feature a small amount of worktop space for eating or food preparation, but this isn?t essential if the size of the room won?t allow it. Small square islands can fit into a variety of kitchens that otherwise couldn?t accommodate this extra luxury.
How much room should you have around a kitchen island?
There?s one important dimension you need to know. Most small kitchens with U- or L-shape layouts can accomodate an island, writes Better Homes & Gardens. But the key metric to keep in mind is that the walk space around the island should be at least 36 inches wide.

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Does a kitchen need an island?
According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), an open kitchen with island should have at least 42 inches of clearance on each side of the island. But you?re not installing an island in your new kitchen so you can simply pass it by.
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