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In To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee shows the theme of courage through:

Atticus defending Tom Robinson.
Atticus? attitude towards guns.
Mrs Dubose?s determination to be morphine-free at the time of her deat.

What is courage in To Kill a Mockingbird?
Growing up our society teaches children that those who are brave are willing to fight, and always put on a brave face. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee portrays courage as knowing that you are going to lose even before you begin, but standing up for what is right anyways. She shows courage as something new.
What are some examples of Atticus showing courage in To Kill a Mockingbird?
Atticus shows courage by making the shot, as he must kill the dog before it can hurt anybody, and only has one shot to do so. He demonstrates courage further by not bragging about his talent, and choosing to live a peaceful life instead of often using his gun.
How does Jem show courage?
Once the children hear whoever is following them start to run after them, Jem shows more bravery by judiciously screaming, ?Run, Scout! Run! Run,? desperate to get himself and his sister safely home. He further shows bravery by trying to fend off their attacker and trying to pull Scout home with him.

How does Scout and Jem show courage?
Scout demonstrates courage by sticking up for her friend and speaking on his behalf. Scout also demonstrates courage in chapter 6 by tagging along with Jem and Dill as they raid the Radley yard. Despite the fact that Scout is terrified of Boo, she shows courage by entering his spooky backyard at night.
What is an example of courage?
Doing something that might be a little risky such as sky diving or riding a bike for the first time. Standing up for a person who is being picked on. Asking for a promotion or a raise at work. Helping out a person or animal in need, even if it might put you in a little bit of danger.
Who has the most courage in To Kill a Mockingbird?
Atticus, Mrs. Dubose, and Boo Radley showed many examples of such courage. Atticus proved, in my opinion, to be the most courageous in the book. He went against the town and willingly defended Tom Robinson, a black man.
How does Calpurnia show courage in To Kill a Mockingbird?
? ? Cal showed spirital courage by inviting them to her church even though people might not like it. ? Jem? and ran back.? Jem had physical courage to go and touch the Radleys house.

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What type of courage does Atticus have?
Courage is displayed by several characters in the novel. Firstly Atticus is presented as a courageous man for agreeing to defend Tom Robinson even when he knows it will cause difficulties for himself and his family. He also knows he has little hope of winning the case.
What is courage according to Atticus?
?Courage is when you know you?re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what? According to Atticus Finch, an honest lawyer in Harper Lee?s novel ?To Kill a Mockingbird? courage is not a man with a gun in his hand.
How does Atticus show courage in Chapter 15?
Atticus demonstrates his courage by shooting and killing the rabid dog in one shot while the rest of the community takes cover. The most obvious case comes when Atticus decides to stand alone outside the jail to defend Tom Robinson against the lynch mob. Atticus risks his own safety (and possibly his life) in doing so.
What act of courage did Jem do at the end of Chapter 1?
Ultimately the boys come to an agreement so all Jem has to do is smack the side of the house. He works up his courage, and finally runs in as fast as he can, smacking the side of the house and running away again, having fulfilled his end of the dare.
How does Jem show courage What kind of courage is it Chapter 15?
Jem demonstrates courage towards the end of the novel when Bob Ewell attacks him and Scout on their walk home from the Maycomb Halloween festival. When Bob Ewell suddenly attacks them, Jem yells for Scout to run and attempts to wrestle Bob Ewell.
What quotes show that Scout is courageous?
In To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout shows courage by speaking up to Miss Caroline about Walter and saying, ?You?re shamin? him, Miss Caroline.? She also demonstrates courage by addressing Mr.
How does Scout show courage in Chapter 24?
Chapter 24 demonstrates that Scout is growing up because she wants to be an active participant in the Missionary Circle meeting. She doesn?t complain about wearing a frilly dress, and she offers to carry the pitcher into the meeting. This impresses her aunt, who wants her to learn how to take part in these functions.
How does Scout show courage in Chapter 9?
In Chapter 9, Scout displays courage at school by refusing fight Cecil Jacobs after he made negative comments about her father. Throughout the novel, Scout has a short temper and tries to solve all of her problems by fighting. She assaults Walter Cunningham Jr., Dill, and Francis for various

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