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If you decide to do a bantu knot-out on freshly washed hair, you still need to allow your hair to dry for at least 40 minutes. Styling your hair while wet can cause extreme breakage due to the over-manipulation it endures from the twisting process.
How long does it take for Bantu knots to dry?
Bantus, unlike braids and twists, are wrapped, so air doesn?t pass through them as easily, and thus, they take a longer time to dry. Let your hair dry for at least 24 hours, 48 hours if you want to be really safe.
How long should Bantu knots be left in?
The longest you can wear your Bantu knots is for about 2 weeks. You can keep your style fresh by covering your head with a silk scarf while you sleep. After about 2 weeks, you should restyle your hair, or else it will likely look messy.

Do you do Bantu knots wet or dry?
Know that Bantu-knot outs work best on damp or dry hair that has been stretched, so creating them right on wash day with fully wet hair may be a failure waiting to happen. This style is great for old hair that is not ready for wash day.
Do Bantu knots grow your hair?
Bantu Knots + Braids Among the many benefits of Bantu knots is that they help retain hair growth and give you a break from heat styling. You want to section the hair, but instead of twisting as you would for Bantu knots, you only need one extra step; braid the hair into a French braid.

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Does Bantu knots stretch hair?
Bantu knots take stretching your hair to the next level because, compared to just a twist out, they stretch even further when wrapped around itself. If you?re a lazy natural, you can even wear your bantu knots in a style like Rihanna did in her Pour It Up music video.
Are Bantu knots a protective style?
Bantu Knots are not only a common protective style in the black community but it?s also a great way to achieve heat-less waves or tight curls for all hair types. The smaller the knot, the tighter the curl. Large knots will result in a loose wave.
Do Bantu knots make your hair curly?
Due to its origin, the style is also known as Zulu knots. Wrapping your hair in Bantu knots can also help you create a more defined curl pattern if worn overnight in curly hair or coiled, kinky hair. Once you twist out the knots you?ll be left with amazing curls.
Can you do Bantu knots every night?
Yes, it means taking a little more time in your nightly routine, but this will decrease frizz and keep your style looking good when you take out the braids/twists the next morning. To preserve a stretched style, tie your hair in loose, chunky twists/braids, buns, or even bantu knots under a scarf.
What are the benefits of Bantu knots?
Bantu Knots help retain hair growth without the use of heat. They?re a cost-effective way to change up your look. The knots can be done to almost any length of hair and type. They?re easy to maintain.

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