Readers ask: What are the 7 polyatomic ions?

By: Thurman Schinner

Terms in this set (7)

Nitrate. NO??
Chlorate. ClO??
Hydroxide. OH?
Carbonate. CO???
Sulfate. SO???
Phosphate. PO???
Ammonium. NH??

What are the 8 polyatomic ions?
Terms in this set (8)

ammonium. NH4, 1+ charge.
nitrate. NO3, 1- charge.
acetate. C2H3O2, 1- charge.
chlorate. ClO3, 1- charge.
hydroxide. OH, 1- charge.
carbonate. CO3, 2- charge.
sulfate. SO4, 2- charge.
phosphate. PO4, 3- charge.

What are the 12 polyatomic ions?
Terms in this set (12)

Nitrate. NO??
Chlorate. ClO??
Bromate. BrO??
Iodate. IO??
Hydroxide. OH?
Acetate. C?H?O??
Phosphate. PO???
Sulfate. SO???

What are the 9 polyatomic ions?
Terms in this set (9)

Ammonium. NH4 +
Nitrate. NO3 ?
Sulfate. SO4 2-
Carbonate. CO3 2-
Phosphate. PO4 3-
Acetate. C2H3O2 ?
Hydroxide. OH ?
Cyanide. CN-

What are the 13 polyatomic ions?
Terms in this set (13)

Ammonium. NH4+
Acetate. C2H3O2-
Nitrate. NO3-
Cyanide. CN-
Hydroxide. OH-
Permanganate. MnO4-
Chlorate. ClO3-
Perchlorate. ClO4-

Is hg2 2+ a polyatomic ion?
Its ion symbol, Hg22+, shows that two mercury atoms are bonded together. The mercurous ion is classified as a polyatomic ion.
What is ch3co2?
acetate ? a salt or ester of acetic acid.
Is Na+ a polyatomic ion?
For example, NaNO2 is named according to its cation, Na+ (sodium), and its polyatomic anion, both polyatomic ions. ? For example, NH4NO3 is ammonium nitrate.
What are polyatomic ions quizlet?
Polyatomic ion definition. A polyatomic ion is a molecule (more than one atom) that has an electric charge. For example, the phosphate group shown has one phosphate, 4 oxygens and a -3 charge.

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