What are the T Tess dimensions?

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The T-TESS performance dimensions have been consolidated into the rubric?s four domains: Planning, Instruction, Learning Environment, and Professional Practices and Responsibilities.
How many dimensions does the T-Tess have?
The T-TESS Rubric includes 4 Domains and 16 Dimensions. T-TESS domain and dimension rubrics include specific descriptors of practices and 5 performance levels; Distinguished, Accomplished, Proficient, Developing, and Improvement Needed.
What are the three components of T-Tess?
Evaluation Cycle: T-TESS includes three main components: goal-setting and professional development plan, the evaluation cycle, and student growth. These components form together as a cohesive system in order to guide teachers to areas of growth and professional development.
How many dimensions are the domains broken down into?
Pre-?K Research revealed that pre-?K classroom interactions fall into one of three domains: Emotional Support, Classroom Organization, and Instructional Support. These are further divided into ten dimensions. (Pianta, LaParo, Hamre.

What is the T-Tess triangle?
What was the teacher saying and doing? What were students saying and doing? What was the cause and effect relationship between teacher and student behaviors? What does the evidence reflect regarding the strength of the lesson (reinforcement) and area for growth (refinement)?
What are the 4 t-Tess domains?
The T-TESS Rubric includes four domains: Planning, Instruction, Learning Environment, and Professional Practices and Responsibilities.
What does Developing mean on T-Tess?
This may have stemmed from the fact that the T-TESS was designed with the philosophy that teachers, as professionals, should constantly improve their skills as they gain experience, so the great majority of teachers would be ?developing,? meaning they were still improving.
How does T-Tess crosswalk help a teacher?

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Purpose Designed to evaluate teachers and establish a system of support to increase student performance in all grades. It focuses on using the observation descriptors and five performance levels to guide feedback and encourage teacher goal setting and growth.
What is a reinforcement objective?
1. Reinforcement objective. ? By the end of the conference, the teacher will be able to explain how she plans for the types and frequency of questions that she asks during a lesson.? This objective includes specific language from the ?Questioning? indicator.
What is Tess in education?
Teacher Excellence and Support System (TESS)
Is proficient good on T-Tess?
The T-Tess rubric is the standard by which your observed lesson will be evaluated. Proficient is the rating of a terrific teacher! Teachers will receive the rating that the evidence supports.
How is Tess different from investing?
How is T-TESS different from Invest? T-TESS sets a higher bar for effectiveness and drives improvements in teacher practice. Aldine ISD?s Invest evaluation system as designed, will not meet the requirements for unlocking TIA funding.
What is the purpose of the T-Tess pre conference?
The pre-conference will orient the appraiser to the teacher?s chosen lesson prior to a formal classroom observation. Together, the appraiser and teacher will discuss the upcoming lesson observation with a focus on the interrelationships between planning, instruction, the learning environment, and student outcomes.
Is T-Tess required?
Like all teachers new to the district, late hires are required to have a full Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) or locally developed appraisal during the first year of employment.
What is Tpess?
The Texas Principal Evaluation & Support System (T-PESS) is a new principal evaluation system for the state of Texas designed to support principals in their professional development and help them improve as instructional leaders.

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